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Michael W. DeTuncq


I highly recommend Mike Mirau and Personnelity. Mike has more than met my expectations and is a valuable resource to me in all aspects of running my business.

Mikes services were recommended to me by our CPA. After my initial meeting with Mike I was rather skeptical that I really needed the personal coaching and goal setting training he presented. What I really wanted was some help with a business plan. Mike agreed to go beyond his normal scope and help me put together a business plan. Mike did an excellent job on the plan, and I’ve had very positive comments from the financial institutions I’ve talked to. The process of putting the pan together has really helped me to focus on the direction of my business.

Mike’s professional experience and contacts have proven to make him an outstanding personal coach. I’ve talked with Mike about all aspects of my business and have received sound, relevant advice. I’m getting into the goal setting training and am finding it to be better than I expected. I worked 13 years for a Fortune 50 company, an this material is as good as any training program I’ve ever had. Most of the material I’ve covered so far are not new, but it does have a unique perspective and is quite practical.

Finally an perhaps most importantly, I believe that Mike truly cares about me as a person and about what happens to my business. He has tailored both the content of our meetings and the speed at which we have progressed to match my personal and business circumstances. All in all, retaining Mike Mirau has been one the best investments I’ve made in myself and my company.

Tonya Warren

Director of Youth Services

You can not select a facilitator for staff or customer training than Mike Mirau of Personanelity Performance Solutions. In the past three years, Mike Mirau has facilitated seminars for youth customers and staff of Texas Neighborhood Services. I have been more than pleased with his performance in both areas as Mike takes great care to customize each training to fit the needs of the learners.

Mike Mirau has conducted leadership development workshops for over 300 at-risk youth in the Workforce Investment Act Youth education and employment program. Using the America’s Rising Star curriculum embellished with Mike’s own motivational facilitation style and personal experiences, these workshops are life-changing events for many of our youth, encouraging them to set goals and work towards achieving them even when obstacles arise.

Additionally, Mike has trained nearly 100 youth in the principles of customer service and effective time management. Skills like prioritizing, daily planning, and aligning with your life’s mission were communicated in a way that the young people could understand an implement.

Staff trainings have been equally impressive. Mike has lead my team through developing a mission statement, better communication with each other, and motivation to do our life’s work of assisting youth.

If there is anything I need to explain in more detail, please feel free to contact me at 940-859-1816

Kim Morris


Four (4) years ago my business was 6 months old, we had a great 1st six months and with a little money in th ebank, I as a new business owner mad a couple of bad financial decisions.

In a mode of desperation, I was referred to Mike Mirau of Personnelity.

With the guidance, patience, coaching, mentoring and education I received from Mike and his company, I’m proud to say we are now 3 locations strong with a strong revenue stream, 30 employees, 10,000 customers and 1.5 million in sales annually.

Mike, there is NO WAY I would have been this successful without you! Thank you!

Dr. Donna Kobrin


There are not enough words to describe how you have help Chiropractic Wellness Center become a success. I have no doubt that without you and the strategies of Personnelity Performance Solution we would not be where we are today. As you know, I initially hired you as a last resort, and although I could not afford your services I also knew I could not afford not to.

You taught me the importance of having and implementing written short and long term goals, budget and marketing planning, creating company policies, developing management skills, and improving staff and patient relationships, all of which I had previously thought a waste of my time. But most of all, you patiently guided me in becoming a successful business women while always acknowledging and respecting my personal beliefs and value systems.

By allowing me to hone in on my strengths and strengthen my weakness I realize there is nothing I cant accomplish, no boundaries I cant overcome, and no dreams that will be unfilled without a little planning.

Needless to say, not only would I recommend your services but would encourage all to value your friendship.